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Championing Change
SRL Enterprises Named a
Top 10 Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Company
By HR Tech Outlook

SRL Enterprises is Awarded the Honor For Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty in Eliminating Diversity and Inclusion Obstacles in the Construction Industry


(Jersey City, NJ) - It is no secret that diversity and inclusion remain constant hurdles within corporate America and beyond, especially amid the current societal landscape. From layoffs to the Great Resignation, a rising unemployment rate, and everything in between, the opportunity for cultivating meaningful and lasting change throughout various industries has never been greater. At the forefront of this change is SRL Enterprises, a cutting-edge business management consulting firm specializing in contract compliance, diversity program development, certification, and community outreach.


SRL Enterprises was recently named a Top 10 Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Company by HR Tech Outlook and was featured as the cover story of HR Tech Outlook Magazine’s September 2021 Diversity and Inclusion Issue. The prestigious honor is awarded to companies that implement groundbreaking methodologies to yield a lasting impact. It is no surprise that SRL Enterprises would be selected due to their unique innate understanding of the nuanced construction industry and the systemic diversity and inclusion problems within.


The elite team of like-minded professionals at SRL Enterprises has over 70 years of extensive private and public sector experience to attack the issue of diversity from all angles. Renowned for their unparalleled expertise, each and every team member of SRL Enterprises is an Executive Level Professional who takes clients by the hand to implement strategies and protocols that truly move the needle from top to bottom.


Monitoring supplier diversity programs and meeting contract requirements can come with many challenges for agencies and prime contractors. When construction projects and companies fall short of their contract diversity goals, they open themselves up to litigation, liquidated damages, financial penalties, political scrutiny, and poor community buy-in. SRL Enterprises has helped clients tackle these issues before they become a problem, avoiding any unnecessary headaches.


"I have positioned SRL in the right space to boost the visibility of fantastic, talented, and under-represented companies while enabling firms and government agencies to source the most-qualified businesses to not just meet but exceed project goals.” - Romaine Lewis, President & Managing Member


Through proof of concept, dedication to community, and unwavering commitment to creating the change they wanted to see within corporate America, SRL Enterprises’ purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with this prestigious accolade.


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About SRL Enterprises LLC

SRL Enterprises LLC is a business management consulting firm specializing in contract compliance, diversity program development, certification, and community outreach. Founded in 2020 by Romaine Lewis, SRL Enterprises seeks to provide industry-leading, cost-effective services by utilizing its elite team of experienced business diversity professionals who understand that every client is unique, and every solution should be customized. Lewis, tired of relying on others for opportunities, started SRL Enterprises as a means to gather a team of executive-level professionals that are fully competent to provide diversity compliance services for clients independently and with a minimal learning curve. Services include everything from contract compliance, certification and community outreach, diversity and inclusion program development, and much more.





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